blw world

Purpose: recycle/upcycle
Products: jewelry, bags, rugs

Transforming Trash Into Art

By upcycling plastic bags, bicycle inner tubes, bottle caps, tin cans, and other items that would have ended up in the trash, and turning them into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bags and rugs, I hope to create artistic items that people notice and talk about, to contribute to consciousness about the environment and how to care for our precious planet.

I first started upcycling plastic bags by cutting them into strips and crocheting with the plastic "yarn" when I was spending time in Bali many years ago. On that lush and beautiful natural island, plastic was just being discarded on the ground, or worse, was being burned, so I became involved with educating people about protecting the environment. My passion for finding creative ways to recycle/upcycle trash started then and continues today with a mission to help save the planet by bringing awareness to people everywhere about the continued need for recycling. Visit blwworld.