Purpose: buy one - give one, ethical manufacturing
Products: men’s apparel

At Good Joe we believe that business can be socially conscious. We care about where and how things are made, about what our customers get for their hard earned cash, about working fairly with our suppliers, and about how we can help the less fortunate.

No sweatshops, so your style doesn't come with compromise.
We try to keep it local for all sorts of reasons. From supporting British manufacturing and avoiding the types of labour exploitation associated with some offshore production, to giving back in the communities we work and live in.

And that’s just one side of the story. The other is about giving you the choice of a brand that aims to be ethical in sourcing and production. All our shirts and labels are made in British factories. Home grown, often family owned, independent businesses.

When you buy a Good Joe, we'll donate a new item of clothing to someone in need. 
Each time you buy something from us, we'll match it with a donation of a new item of clothing to someone in need. It's an uncomfortable truth that too many people in the UK experience a level of poverty that leaves them reliant on charities for food, clothing and shelter. We know a T-shirt won't cure the complex issues underlying this, but it's an easy way to give directly to those who struggle to meet the most basic needs of day to day living. 


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