green toys

Purpose: recycle/upcycle
Products: toys

Our products are made from 100% recycled plastic, and are designed with the highest safety standards. We don't use any glue, metal, screws, or paint. We hope our toys inspire open play, imagination, creativity, and encourage child development. 

We're 100% U.S. made, and as a result, we reduce greenhouse gases and energy, and save on transportation. Our toys are living proof that the milk jugs that go into your recycling bin can ultimately end up back in your playroom. This helps close the loop for kids, because they can see their own environmental efforts in action. So far, we've recycled over 50 million milk jugs!

All products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard - no additives like blister packs, twist ties, or cellophane wrappers. Packaging is printed with minimal color using soy inks. We've even received the Greener Packaging Award.

We care about your kids – how they play, what they play with, and what the future holds. We are constantly exploring and innovating to deliver the best products possible for a playful planet for all. Visit