Purpose: recycle/upcycle
Products: home and office goods and décor, bags, jewelry, apparel, accessories, toys, gifts

Our mission is to help address the global waste problem through upcycling. We search for the best in upcycled products from some of the world’s most creative small businesses, and offer them all in one place.

The materials used to make the products featured on Hipcycle are not purchased from stores or manufacturers. Rather, everything is made from items that would otherwise have ended up in a trash heap. You won't always be able to tell the source from a product photo, but a ring might be made from a whiskey bottle, or a bike bag might be made from a bicycle inner tube.

When you purchase a product from Hipcycle, you’re doing two important things: Supporting a small business, and helping the environment. We offer a multitude of goods that satisfy your need for beautiful and functional items while also helping the environment. Visit hipcycle.com.