Purpose: buy one - give one, eco-conscious
Products: bamboo sunglasses and watches, prescription sunglasses

Eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo shades that come with the Gift of Vision. For every pair of Panda sunglasses sold, we cover the cost of an eye exam and a pair of prescription sunglasses to someone in need.

At its heart, Panda is about Fashion With a Purpose. We promise that every Panda product will be constructed from sustainable materials that are kind to the environment, and we'll never sell something without giving back to the community.

Our high quality Panda sunglasses are made from bamboo, one of the best sustainable resources on the planet! While often thought of as a wood, bamboo is actually a grass, and a super fast growing one at that. Certain species have been recorded as growing 3 feet in a single day. It also reaches maturity in only 3-5 years, and once the bamboo has been harvested, the root system will continue to grow, producing new shoots and helping to prevent soil erosion. This incredible growth doesn’t require chemicals fertilizers either! Bamboo gets all the nutrition it needs from the decomposition of its own leaves.

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