pura vida create good

Purpose: fair trade, percent to charity
Products: coffee, tea

We are proud to provide our customers with an exceptional cup of Fair Trade Organic Coffee and a variety of excellent service programs. Our commitment is to contribute the net proceeds of our business to our Create Good Foundation to fund projects and partnerships to help those in need. We are dedicated to providing Great Coffee and Great Service all for a Great Cause. 

Create Good Foundation
Pura Vida Create Good was one of the first companies to sell exclusively fair trade coffee on a national basis. To further help coffee farmers and their families, Pura Vida has established a nonprofit called the Create Good Foundation that uses its resources to fund projects that help children in at risk communities and to partner with churches and other nonprofits to help fund projects that help those in need. Our current funding is focused on:
    •    Water Filtration for schools in Guatemala
    •    Bringing hope to children at risk in Costa Rica
    •    Partnerships with local students and students in need in Uganda
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